Secrets left unsaid
Hi everyone!

Sister St. Laurent here! I will be able to use a blog on my mission! For any who are interested in following my post please come and follow me on here(:

Love you all and keep being wonderful! The Lord loves you!(:

Old area — Camas, Washington! Saying goodbye to the Harker family.

Pictures are coming!

As soon as I download all the pics I’m getting and figure out how to save them, they’ll be posted! :)

Update: Transfer to the Orchards Ward in Vancouver.
Another update! 4 nov 2013~

Well it’s been another grand week!

It seems I am going through several phases out here on my mission regarding my studies. These past few weeks I have felt quite the draw/push of the Lord directing my personal studies deep within the Book of Mormon. I have been very blessed to have been able to be taught by the Spirit as doing so.

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This tumblr is an example of how a missionary blog should not be run.

If you think you can run a better missionary blog, you are more than free to do so. In fact, I INVITE you to do so! :)

Sister St. Laurent personally asked me to be her Tumblr proxy before she got her mission call, and all I’m supposed to do is update with the mass message emails she sends. I’m doing the best I can with what I have and if you dislike it, you’re free to unfollow and/or ignore this blog.

If you should continue this behavior, well… The “ignore” feature exists for a reason. This blog has gotten (way) too many hateful or biting messages lately, and Sister St. Laurent has been allowing me to use my best judgment in that regard. 

Have a blessed, missionary-work-filled day, Anon. 

Another update! [28 Oct 2013]

Recap from a few weeks ago on my study of Job: After doing studying on Job I have decided to change my complete attitude when facing adversity. I realized that Job had never let the Lord down. During this whole study I reflected upon how I could prove the Lord right whenever the adversary stood to the side and ‘whispers to the lord’ how I am going to curse him and my Heavenly Father. I don’t want the adversary to be right on this matter. I want the Lord to know that I will honor him even to my very death. It truly has humbled me to know and understand how much trust our Heavenly Father has in us to allow us to experience such hardships for our own benefit… d&c 122:7 and that we are NEVER alone d&c 122:9

The Savior suffered FAR greater than we did and he had to be completely isolated! He didn’t have the strength of something to help him overcome his darkest, most graceful act that occured in history in the garden of Gethsemane. As stated in d&c 122:8 …we all are called to go through adversity every now and then, but never will we ever have to go through what he did. We will ALWAYS have his strength to help bear us through.


Well another week has gone and left just like that! It’s insane that I have been out on my mission for 7months! Holy moly its gone by quick! These past few weeks have been quite rough, not going to lie. Our teaching pool has pretty much deceased and our lessons being taught have gone down to 6 total. BUT, all in all prayer and fasting works! We ended our sunday night with teaching 5 lessons to some INCREDIBLE people/less active/part member families/ former investigators! I felt very appreciative for Heavenly Father blessing us with this opportunity to share his message to those who are seeking for guidance.

One thing that I have really been focusing on this week is the power of the Book of Mormon. I had decided to restart from the beginning and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in teaching me hidden truths found within. So many things that I have been able to learn that will be forward to you guys this week through via mail!

Also thank you mom for sending me the stamps and stuff!!!! I appreciate it sooooo much!!!

Wasn't this supposed to be updated regularly while she was on her mission?

I only get emails sporadically now, because Sister St. Laurent is busy, and emails her family personally first. 

Sister St. Laurent is still on her mission.